One Hundred and Sixty-Eight Days Ago

One hundred and sixty-eight days ago a plea was made to all Americans that those who could, at their own discretion, should stay at home for fifteen days to ensure that our health systems would not be overrun as yet another strain of the coronavirus was making its way around the globe. Those who could not stay home were asked to show respect towards their neighbors by taking personal precautionary measures—measures similar to those taken annually by many during the common flu season. Voluntary measures of personal hygiene.

One hundred and sixty-eight days ago.

Five months and fifteen days ago.

With clouds of smoke from burning rubber filling the air at city halls and statehouses around the nation, the light changed to green and public servants throughout America released the clutch and jolted forward, each seeking the grand prize of the great 2020 drag race towards control of a most arbitrary nature.

One hundred and sixty-eight days later, and here we are. Up is officially down. Crime is praised by those with better blood and their puppet pioneers of the new morality on the truth-box, all of whom have perfected the furrowed brow of disgust towards, well, free people acting as free people. Come on, don’t you know? Freedom is so 2019.

You might object to the claim that crime is praised, and you might be right. Because now the word crime has a new meaning: crime means showing your face to the world on the off chance (less than 0.01%) that you might infect another person because of the off chance (less than 0.01%) that person may die. Now crime means operating your business and serving willing customers who are fully aware of the risks of leaving their homes, driving their cars, braving the elements, and frequenting your business on the off chance (less than 0.01%) they might infect or become infected as a result. Now crime means standing strong and unwavering for your freedom, your individuality, and your God-given rights in defiance of a “new normal” that never once was instituted through due process.

Crime no longer means theft, violence, arson, or murder unless the murder was committed by failing to hide your speech organ behind a fool-proof piece of cloth. Crime no longer means violating the rights of another, rights equally shared by every human, except for the right to keep six feet of distance between yourself and others. Crime is now subjective, the terms of which are pursuant to the consensus—the consensus as defined by your government officials. Crime is questioning that consensus.

Power is justice, truth is crime.

Power has become justice, and truth has become crime; and this out of necessity because if crime were still crime, the punishers would be punished for the crimes of the century.

I wish I had an explanation to write more. But I don’t. Here we are.

One hundred and sixty-eight days ago…

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