My Unmasked Oration

They say that I should cover my mouth


what comes out of my mouth could kill you.

Every risk without exception

comes from my unmasked oration.

None come in association

with appointment cancellation,

lack of medical attention,

law-enforced immune suppression,

mental illness aggravation,

universal isolation,

loneliness and desperation,

bans on normal human function,

family disintegration,

school’s indefinite suspension,

education’s degradation,

economic desolation,

massive currency inflation,

unjust wealth redistribution,

social fabric’s dissolution,

unacknowledged persecution

of the practice of religion,

Twitter-ruined reputation,

mob-inflicted retribution,

media intimidation,

headline slant and fabrication,

history’s complete revision,

interracial disaffection,

riots, looting, conflagration,

cultural degeneration

into chaos and destruction,

spreading threat of revolution,

governmental contravention

of the rights of all the nation,

state-approved disinformation,

censorship and speech proscription,

the unbridled demolition

of our whole civilisation

in the name of the prevention

of a terrible contagion

(Covid or free cogitation?)

risked by my unmasked oration.


What comes out of my mouth could kill you.

© 2020 Kilby Austin

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