Face Mask Frenzy

2020 is comparable to a stampede of buffalo over a cliff.

I have been trying to write something for weeks now, but I think I was waiting to wake up from fantasy land first. Every time I do sit down, I don’t quite know where to begin because everything is so backwards right now; the frog in the frying pan is getting too warm. Between face mask orders, economic ruin needlessly forced on us by the insatiable schoolyard thugs we elected, and the coronavirus itself which smells fishier by the day (I’m just saying); I can’t seem to collect my thoughts. Do you feel the heaviness in the air too? I have been saying that 2020 is comparable to a stampede of buffalo over a cliff—no one knows why we are running, or that we’re racing to destruction, or even who started the stampede; we’re just going. To question is a default indictment of an evil character—based on whose moral standard I am not yet sure.

I guess the face mask frenzy is a good enough place to start. Forget for now the abhorrent unconstitutionality of the politically popular mandates requiring face masks and the evident disregard for actual law (let alone justice) that can be seen clearly for those brave enough to look. No, let’s consider the wearing of face masks as a protection from COVID-19, whether for ourselves or our faceless neighbors.

Before I strike the match, two things to note. First, there is plenty of data, however grossly skewed, and even more diverse opinions on that data that can be found online if we were willing to search; and an objective analysis of that data should lead honest people to unpopular conclusions that could cancel coronavirus. Providing that data is not my objective. Second, and this is particularly important, questioning the consensus does not mean you do not care about grandma—in fact, on the off chance that the consensus is wrong, questioning might just save grandma’s life. You cannot shut the door on debate because you want to feel more compassionate.

At the very least, if we are going to make something mandatory or else, we should be afforded the opportunity to ask if the mandatory thing is necessary and why. But I don’t ever remember seeing this “new normal” on the ballot, yet my county unveiled a shiny handbook with that title, chock full of measures I’m confident are grounded in nothing but the most brilliant science, and non-compliant businesses are met with a rerun of the first beating of the year. Leave them alone.

I don’t ever remember seeing this “new normal” on the ballot.

Among those measures is included, both on county and city levels, a requirement for a facial covering to be worn at all times in public spaces and places. No questioning allowed.

If face masks were effective, even partially so, questioning would be welcomed and would lead to an honest discussion, and an honest discussion would lead to a unified effort against the virus. But that is not what we have gotten. The science is settled, they told us instead, and proceeded to shame, or cancel, or fire, or censor the skeptics. So, I’m sorry, but given that response, I can’t help but question the true effect of the face masks. And the motives behind them, but that is for another day.

If face masks are not effective, we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to find that out so that first, we may let go of, as Dr. Fauci put it, a false sense of security that face masks provide, and second, to focus efforts on finding what may actually be effective.

Bottom line, questioning this face mask movement is vital. Especially when liberty, as insignificant as just wearing a face mask might be, hangs in the balance.

In fact, the insignificance of just wearing a face mask, in my opinion, heightens the danger of this charade, or more cynically, this experiment. If tomorrow our public servants saw a set of car fatality data particularly framed and proceeded in their infinite wisdom to shut down the roadways, the entire country would unite against that overreach. But the truth is, it’s so easy to just wear the damn face mask that blind compliance is more practical. Besides, what if it helps even a little bit or makes someone feel better? Isn’t it good to do your part? Just wear the mask.

Do you feel the Stockholm syndrome setting in yet?

And just like that, a precedent is set. Just like that, city mayors can reset the clock on their emergency orders every week until the new normal is normalized. Just like that, fifteen days to slow the spread in March has turned into one hundred forty days of destruction and chaos in July. That is why the face mask order in all its’ practical insignificance is the most dangerous slippery slope.

But really, all of this should be irrelevant because quite frankly, the question has not been considered or given any daylight because if it were, we would have to come to our senses.

So: do you really believe that face masks are effective protection against coronavirus? Do our political leaders really believe that face masks are effective protection against coronavirus? Do our medical health professionals really believe that face masks are effective protection against coronavirus?

If they do not, they must stop the madness. If face masks do not work, there is no reason for the mandate—if face masks do not work, they do not work and there should be no social pressure, government backed or otherwise, to act as if 2+2=5.

Besides Dr. Fauci’s flip-flopping on the matter; besides the fact that most face masks have openings much larger than the droplets of airborne coronavirus; besides the hodge podge of makeshift masks and quasi-hazmat suits, anything being accepted as long as your face is hidden; besides all these things, can we just for one moment stop deferring to the experts who can’t get their stories straight and use some common sense?

If your face mask is cloth—your breath goes through it. Put your hand on the other side of your mask and breathe through. You feel that? That’s air with all the different particles you just breathed out.

If your face mask is a surgical face mask—your breath goes through it. Doctors wear these so liquid drops like saliva or mucous do not drip into an open wound, not to stop tiny air particles. Try the same experiment.

If your face mask is commercial grade, it most likely is designed to protect you from contaminants and chances are high that your outgoing breath is not filtered. That does not protect anyone.

So, if not all face masks do work, then which one works? And why aren’t we mandating uniformity among face masks? Why aren’t we forcing people to wear the correct face masks and exactly right? Even a surgical mask properly worn still allows air to flow out the sides.

Here’s another question: if your face mask protects you from getting coronavirus why do others need to wear a face mask also? Isn’t your mask good enough? If not, then they do not work. Why are they mandatory? Again, being nice just in case or because it feels good is not a valid reason. Not enough to legislate at any rate.

Are we really pretending that when eating or drinking we all have temporary immunity, but only while chewing? As soon as we swallow, we are vulnerable so back on goes the mask.

And this is the problem with asking questions. It gets to be uncomfortable when inconsistency and plain double think are the embodiment of virtue.

Enough with this practical joke. Enough with this feel-good science. Enough with this synthetic morality.

I will wear a face mask on two occasions and two occasions only, and both are voluntary insofar as that is possible. My employer has a contractual right to require my wearing a face mask and I choose to comply or leave. No problem, done. And out of courtesy to business owners who have suffered unsparingly at the hands of maniacs this year and are in jeopardy of losing more on my account, I will wear a mask when in their place of business.

Otherwise I refuse to wear a mask. The only way this will stop is if enough people take off their masks and call it for what it is: a symbol—a symbol of control, conformity, and compliance.

No, I will breathe God’s free, clean, natural air as is my right. Fine me, Mayor.

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