An Open Letter to the Leaders of the “Free Press”

To the Boards & Executives of every News Outlet across the Nation and your Politicians

Dear leaders of the “Free Press”;

In today’s world—the world of light-speed communication, rapid technological advancements and an entire citizenship with a device at their very hands that connects the entire world, offering the latest news at the press of a button—you have the ability to reach millions of people, at any given moment of any given day. In today’s world—the world in which a country as vast as half a continent is hanging on every latest notification to flash across their screen—you have the ability to, rather, you already do impact people to their very cores.

This you well know to be true. The minds of millions of people are at your mercy, as the trust of the Free Press is the epicenter of the web of checks, balances and safeguards against runaway power after it has been bestowed in good faith upon our “representatives” through our seemingly illusory votes. Your headlines create the difference between fear and hope, hate and love. Your headlines first thing in the morning can set the tone for one’s day, and by extension the myriad of people one impacts directly or indirectly throughout ordinary living.

Although the unspoken reality is that the more fear, hatred and chaos that spreads will certainly deepen your coffers since we as a society are easily addicted to the grotesque, you accuse every other corporation but yours as crony; it will suffice for me that your consciences, in due time, will try you for the greed-based crimes against We the People. That is, and will remain, a conversation between yourselves and your maker, be it God or fate.

Here, however, I will appeal to your humanity. Here, I will appeal to the bright, starry-eyed high school graduate embarking on an unknown career as you once were, full of innocence, hope, passion and a desire to help the world. Here, I will ask you to once again consider how your decisions, as the leaders of the Free Press, impact others’ lives instead of just your pocketbook.

You have the ability to reach hundreds of millions of people within seconds.

Regardless of your ideologies, your political ties, your lobbyists, shareholders or campaign-picks, the truth is that the last four years (far more I’m sure, not that I have the strength or willpower to bore and infuriate myself by re-reading your accounts of history) has been a storm, or better yet, a barrage of Trump this, Trump that. Dems this, Dems that. GOP this, GOP that. The last four years of news headlines (again, political ideology aside) has been truly sad, truly shameful and truly destructive—from Fox News to CNN and all in between.

The American People are not republican, democrat, libertarian, communist, anarchist or nationalist. The American People are people. People with hopes, dreams, passions, desires, and families. People trying to make ends meet. People like you, and me, with beating hearts.

The last four years (many more I’m sure) have been spent dividing the Country. While the current administration has been relentlessly accused of the division (and rightly so!), the real promulgation of the hatred, the divisiveness, the fear, intolerance, terror and party politics that dehumanize those of other opinions is to be blamed on you. Yes, the powers that be across the aisle have had their fair share of destructive politicking for personal gain, but they are only truly empowered when your outlet gives them a voice, when your outreach gives them a channel to spew their mutual hatred and personalized career agendas.

You reach hundreds of millions of people at any given moment.

Have you ever considered what impact could be possible, what change could occur, what organic unity could be achieved if your powers of communication were used for good instead of touting Uncle Sam’s bipolarity?

Instead of Trump this, Trump that, have you ever considered that a simple message of unification across the proverbial lines in the sand of political ideologies, skin color or net worth could solve more problems than are created by the personal politicking done by every one of Uncle Sam’s minions under the guise of “representation”?

What if you reminded people of the human worth that each of us holds in our individuality? What if you reminded people that the care of each other will lead to more inner and outer peace than does the greed-fueled rat-race that only pads the pockets of the elite?

What if—because you understand the scope of your power, your influence—what if you used your outlets to offer messages of unity, hope, love, peace and HUMANITY?

Did you ever think what would happen if the message was, instead of the latest escalating career feud, a message based on goodness?

What do you think would happen if you reminded the American people about the philosophy that has never failed; the philosophy taught across almost every faith, creed and culture. The message that was given us by Aristotle, Confucius, the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Ghandi, and Dr. King.

What if you reminded us, on a daily basis, of the Golden Rule? That we should treat others in the same way we want to be treated; that one should do (and not do) to others what one would welcome (or not welcome) to be done to himself. That we are all one body, one species in the same predicament; existence in a world of scarcity. Perhaps then, we wouldn’t need to rely on Big Brother to pretend to cure the racism, bigotry, inequality and injustice he initiates. Perhaps we would find it inherent in our humanity to honor, respect, help and care for our brothers and sisters across every color or creed.

What if every morning, America woke to messages of giving, love, care, unity instead of division, hatred and intolerance (both ways)? What if every evening, Americans drove home listening to the 5:00 news and heard the personal and societal rewards and benefits of individually helping our neighbors, instead of hating the neighbor who needs government assistance because the rest of us turn a blind eye?

What if, as the most powerful communicators in the world, you used your powers for good instead of evil? What if you used your influence to drive good and justice instead of the highest bidder’s political agenda? But, sadly, you have allowed Washington, left and right, to control the narrative. You have become Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.

Americans deserve better. You are the strongest defense against corruption We the People have. And yet you’ve sold yourselves to the corrupt. You promulgate hate, division and anger every hour of every morning, afternoon and night. You stir up confusion, distrust, outrage. And yet, you and your puppet-masters are untouchable, which leaves the confusion, distrust, outrage to build up and result in hatred, violence and anger directed at our own families and communities.

You are responsible. Yes, you are responsible for the division against which you preach. You are responsible for the hatred you so loftily condemn. You are responsible for the confusion towards which you feign feelings of atrocity.

You have the power to reach millions. What if it was used for good?

To be sure, Big Brother must be kept in check and your influence necessitates the investigation and dissemination of information. In fact, it is your duty as the Free Press to report on and hold accountable each and every person who, under the name of servitude, builds a career at the people’s expense and often to our detriment. And so, to an extent it must be Trump this, GOP that, Dems this. But it can, and should, be a lot more.

You reach millions. Use your platform for good, and not evil. Unite the country, do not divide. Unite for humanity’s sake, and not for your share of funneled tax revenues. Praise generosity, love and justice. Condemn the injustices done to all and offer us hope. Offer us unity despite differing ideals, because as brothers and sisters of the human race we are one.

If the power to impact the world lies with you, you can be sure you will answer for how that power is wielded.

You can change the world. Change it for good.

Until that time, and on behalf of the unrepresented American taxpayers, I implore you!

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